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Why do people leave messages on my machine but not leave who they are.

Sure we may of been good friends, sure we should be good friends, and it is 100% my fault that we lost touch.

But . . .

I can and will not remember who you are by your voice. . .please leave me a name, not a nick name not a

Dude why did you fall off the face off the face of the earth, and i'm throwing a party you must come or i'm gonna leave you many messages until you pick up(or call me). . . .

I'm only human and right now some shit just went down and i don't have time to rip apart my memory to match up the nick name with the person.

On a different note my mom got robbed on Thursday. .cops . .useless, always are always will be.
I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that.

So my brothers and I are taking it into our own hands.
As of now we are doing better than the cops. . .and we haven't even had to hurt anyone(that comes later)

But yea the Bears lost and it really doesn't matter to me.
True i was invited into a party for the game(and enjoyed myself) I just don't think that its that big of a deal.

However we did score in the first 14seconds of the game.
Go Chicago!
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