jewwastaken (jewwastaken) wrote,


So i've been sitting around most of today just playing FF11, or watching movies.
A nice happy day, no issues, and me safely hidden away from the snow that has fallen apon the ground. Then the headache came. I tried everything to make it go away, water, asprin, nap, food, cats(usually ya take the cat put it on area of issue and let it pur), but nothing would work.

Then it got to the point where I wanted to go to bed(bout 10 or so) and couldn't.

Trying to figure our the exact amount of pressure needed to knock one's self out cold with a hammer while delivering minimal damage to the skull I decided to watch one of hte many horror movies that I have been downloading(and once i get my 400gig external working again it will be collecting).

Fast foward 60 min.
body count 8
headach gone

Wonder if this could be a trend.
Wonder if there is enough movies around to keep said headache's away.
Wonder when the nice men in the white coats will try to take me away.

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