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Wow so much to say.

So I guess thoes of you who got the text message from das Kitten last night already know. But there has been some . . . issues. . . with ???(I need to use the ? cause kyrn has so many fucking names he uses who knows who he really is), and last night it all got up and hit the fan.

End result.
Das kitten is out one asshole boyfriend
Jew is out one asshole room mate(yea bitch about me not doing dishes now you jobless fuck)

But what really confuses me is he had no reaction to the entire thing. Nothing.

He sat there and said yea he's full of shit, always has been full of shit, and didn't care that he screwed people that were trying to help him. Fucker.

So in my moments of great wisdom I moved out for the night. . .why did I move out for the night of MY OWN APT?!? Cause I needed to go out and drink after that shit, and I just didn't trust some of my stuff sitting around with me not being there and him just being kicked out.

So here we now sit at 6 in the fucking god damn at the moms house nursing a hot cup o joe waiting for the sleep to leave my eye's. Still gotta wait around for that fucker to actually leave. . .hoping he's getting ready to go when I get back home.

And what really bothers me is that he wouldn't even give me that. . .I am one pent up jew right now, and damn that would of felt soooo good to feel a cheek bone under my fist. Grrrr

Why do people always insist on making me violent.

but yea anyway gots to leave soon soooo

If I ignored ya for the last few months sorry. . really sorry so many phone calls I gotta make.

Uncle Slavo remember the talk we had about dip shit(meaning kyrn) yea well open hunting season on his ass . .have at him and give him one for me.

Hallowwoman . . .love ya much dear and I hope things are going better for you. .
But. . .(Stares lustfully and grins) I got a spare bedroom if ya wanna head over ma way.

Whip hand . . . Love ya dear, but no more of this sort of stuff . . ever. . .no more repeats of last years compitation rematches are NOT allowed ;-)
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