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Weird so very weird

Well yea I know I missed whiplash, but in the tradation of my man slavo

Life story part 2

So yesterday I was invited over to my friends house for a family bbq and some friendly jamming(how can I say no to jamming). I get there and its just my buddy Kirk(the guy who lives at the house), some kid named Joe Ray(don't really know him and don't really like him), then tons of old folk and youngins(familiy of kirks.

I get me a beer and a burger, and start to get ready for some jamming. But after getting caught up just chilling and chatting with Kirk we notice that Joe is getting dangerously drunk.

We request that he gets cut off, but he just gets all loud and in my face bout it then runs back in side to get some more to drink.

Kirk and I are now VERY worrired. This kid is getting otta hand and FAST.
bout 20 min after that kirk dissappears and we hear a loud *thud* and a scream in the house. Kirk went to take joes keys and in his drunked haze began to start a fight.

This is where I come in and the other girl, who was a big girl, but far from fat and weak. We go running in and see Kirk trying to pin this kid on the ground. Now kirk has about 60 pounds on muscle on Joe so he shouldn't of had any trouble with it, but no so drunk and outta control was Joe that even kirk was having trouble with him.

The girl and in see this and pounce on Joe helping to pin him. This is where the three of us spent almost 15 min on teh ground fighting Joe befor the cops showed up. 10 of them to be exact(4 were firemen with an ambulance in toe). And it even took 3 cops to keep him held to the ground. Luckly shortly after the cops showed up joe was so tried from fighting us that he just passed out and was dragged to a strecher, tied down, and drove to the hospital.

K injury report

Kirk a few good black spots on his chest and a small bump on his chin.
Girl bite mark on her finger and a slap to the face.
Me swollen hand and a red mark on my cheek from his knee.

Joe - broken rib, bloody mouth, arms brused up and hurt bad, legs messed up(hehe love pressure points), and a few nasty nut punches(nothing else to punch and he did kneed me in the face).

Then after all that crazyness was over i saw it was close to 12(with the statements for the cops and everything.

So i just went to neo.

Now I go to work.
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